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About me:

Welcome to my site! This webmaster's name on the internet is Lychyya (He/She), I'm a Brazilian who knows Portuguese, English and I'm currently learning Spanish. My hobbies mostly consist in consuming media such as anime, videogames and music, other than media consumption, I'm a person who is currently learning how to play guitar and knows how to sing, I also enjoy cosplaying, going to arcades and concerts!

This site is just a little space that I created to write messy opinions about albums that I enjoyed, vent and decorate whenever possible. I'm not a pro at coding or anything like that and I don't have any great wish of becoming the best I can be in this, my site is just an attempt in knowing how programming works.

I listen to:

Maximum The Hormone, Dir en Grey, Deviloof, Project46, Helloween, Judas Priest, Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Spiritbox, Boom Boom Satellites, Moe Shop, TWRP, NCT, Prince, My Chemical Romance, Vamps and Hyde.

I really enjoyed reading, watching or playing:

Golden Kamuy, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Chainsaw Man, Yu Yu Hakusho, Love Live, Trigun, Yotsubato, VA-11 HALL-A, Persona 3 and 4, Stardew Valley, Pikuniku, Animal Crossing, Splatoon and Guilty Gear.

Consider this site in constant progress since I'm still learning HTML and CSS! Be nice to me!
(* ̄▽ ̄)b

Site updates:

11/01/24: Made my own button!! Feel free to use.
+ changed my graphics page to a links page, but resources for graphics can still be found there.

07/01/24: Managed to put a Winamp on music log and blog posts section, still trying to find out how to remove the skin warning, but the winamp is working normally.

25/11/23: Testing how proportions work so this site can work better in other screen sizes, added scrollbars too.

05/09/23: Made a huge update! Added more site sections and changed the layout.

14/08/23: Added music for the homepage.

24/07/23: Fixing a few layout errors, centering and also changing font color for a slightly brighter one for better reading.

14/07/23: First Version of the site was launched!

Now Playing:
Garoad - Safe Haven

Watching: The Bear, Initial D, Bocchi the Rock!, Bakemonogatari, Heavenly Delusion, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Reading: Golden Kamuy, Yotsuba, Vinland Saga, Chainsaw Man, Dungeon Meshi
Playing: Persona 4 Golden

Me rn:

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