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Lastfm: Limonada7
Tumblr: Lychyya

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Velvet Blue

For graphics:

On Neocities:
Shishka (Banners, blinkies, Stamps, buttons, icons, anime and videogame pixels)
Sukiyaki City (Icons, color palettes, textures, backgrounds, stamps, old anime gifs)
Nostalgic (Large list for resources for coding, graphics, learning japanese and more!)
Newlambda (Blinkies, buttons, stamps, pngs and pokemon sprites!)
Swirl (Cute fake ads, pixels, small, medium and big graphics; buttons, dividers and Nintendo-related graphics)
Ruili (Nitroplus-related graphics)
Prismatic Realm (Fake ads)
Plasticdino (Mostly j-pop, vocaloid and k-pop buttons, there's also a lot of useful links)

Other places on the internet: (Backgrounds, blinkies, buttons, dividers and icons)
Web badges World(Badges) (Small and big pixels, blinkies, stamps and dividers)
Sugaa (Pixels only! Huge list, very helpful) (Small pixels only) (Pixels, dividers, stamps and some pngs)
Cafekitsune (Dividers)